Via Euregio Data Science Meetup all kinds of data on municipalities (from different sources) are brought together. Depending on the variables, these are available at different levels (larger regions like province, municipality level, sometimes neighborhood/postal code level). The easiest way to extract data from the site is through their database view at

Probably known to most, but still worth mentioning is CBS statline, which also offers a lot of data which can be linked on a geographical level.

And for those interested in healthcare costs, Vektis collects all healthcare costs made in the Netherlands (through the different health insurers) and makes an aggregated dataset available publicly. These open datasets are available at municipality level or at 3-digit postal code.

A link to quite some geodata is here: . Here you can find two big open Dutch governmental datasets called the BAG (Basic Registration all addresses and buildings in the Netherlands) – That’s means all buildings and addresses in the Netherlands. And the BGT (Basic Registration all bigger topographic componentns of the Netherlands) – That means all geographical referred areas as in streets, little green areas, and even streetlights!

This is a more general open data website of Dutch open geodata: . Here you have more specific datasets, as in busstops for example.

These datasets have all borders of Dutch municipalities, neighborhoods (wijken) and smaller neighborhoods (buurten): It also includes demography characteristics.

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